Our products Range

Bexley Starters and Alternators have been building, repairing and reconditioning auto electrical components, our range of products consists of over 4500 part numbers. If you require any information or would like to know if we can repair your products, please contact us via email using the contact form or over the phone.


Here is a breakdown of our products that we provide and repair. This list is ongoing and will be added to frequently.

Alternator Part Numbers

BSA10000 - ACR Alternator, 12V


BSA10055 - VW T2 Alternator, 12V


BSA113774 - Transit TDCI Alternator 2006, 12V


BSA113814 - BOMAG Alternator, 24V


BSA11787 - Vauxhall Diesel Alternator, 12V


BSA11792 - Ford Alternator, 12V


BSA13491 - JCB Alternator, 12V


BSA13805 - AC203RA VOLVO Coach Alternator, 24V


BSA13806 - AC203RA VOLVO Coach Alternator, 24V


BSA14361 - Porsche 911 Alternator, 12V


Dynamo Part Numbers

BSA13356 - C40 R/H Dynamo, 12V


BSA13357 - C39 R/H Dynamo, 12V


BSA13358 - C40 L/H Dynamo, 12V


BSA13361 - VW Beetle 30amp Dynamo, 12V


BSA14028 - DynaStart Dynamo, 12V

Starter Part Numbers

BSA11262 - HATZ Industrial Starter, 12V


BSA11839 - Inertia FORD 3 hole 1970's Starter, 12V


BSA11906 - Courier 1.8 D Starter, 12V


BSA12255 - Hyster Fork Lift Starter, 12V


BSA12812 - Stepill Generator Starter, 12V


BSA12859 - Nissan Starter 12V


BSA12886 - HATZ Starter, 12V


BSA12924 - KUBOTA Starter, 12V


BSA12956 - Ford TRANSIT Starter, 12V


BSA12990 - DEUTZ Starter, 12V


BSA13077 - ISUZU Starter, 12V


BSA13540 - IVECO VT650 DONKEY Sweeper Starter, 24V


BSA13610 - Gardiner Starter  SL524, 24V


BSA13646 - Thwaites 2CX Starter, 12V


BSA14360 - Porsche 356 Starter, 6V

DC Motor Part Numbers

BSA13770 - 2.6KW DC Tail Lift Motor, 12V


BSA14100 - DC Tail Lift Motor, 24V


BSA14106 - 21amp CFR Modena DC Motor, 12V

Winch Motor Part Numbers

BSA13438 - Ramsay Winch Motor, 24V


BSA134385 - Electron Winch Motor, 12V


BSA13759 - MF4302 AME1538 Winch Motor, 12V

Easy Sheet / Tarp Motor Numbers

BSA13672 - DC Easy Sheet Motor, 24V


BSA13675 - DC Easy Sheet Motor, 12V